"It's far more
important to
know what
person the
disease has
than what
disease the
person has."

~ Hippocrates
Typically, my full-cycle work with a client is spread over 4 weeks, a minimum of 1 hour per
week. I also offer a weekend format where and when necessary.

  • Session 1: Introduction to the work, and question and answer session with client.  
    It is at the end of this session that you formally become my client.

  • Session 2: Work on the Emotional (feeling) body and the associated Mental
    (mind/thoughts) components.

  • Session 3: Work on the Physical body and the associated Emotional and Mental

  • Session 4: A celebratory session in which the client takes a trip into an Inner
    Sanctuary to claim/reclaim his/her divine inheritance, having removed all the
    blocks between him/herself and the outpouring of God’s divine energy. This
    session involves the use of a beautiful, prayerful guided meditation.

Follow-up sessions that focus on any or all of these main sessions can be arranged at
client’s request.

Because of the nature of what I do and how I do it, I currently work with clients 1-on-1 at
their location or mine in the greater Houston Metro area (that is Houston, Texas). If, and
when it can be arranged, I do travel to clients' locations (either in or out of state) for
weekend sessions as may be necessary. As my practice evolves, I may consider
conducting my sessions over the phone. When I do get the clearance to do phone
sessions, I will update this page.


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