"Loving begins
within each one
of us, and
health is loving
who you are."

- John-Roger
The Client

The first step towards becoming my client is a request (by phone or e-mail) that I
consider working with you in bringing the Light of spiritual healing to a very specific
health issue or general life situation. Next, you will get a response from me whether or
not it is okay for us to work together. If it is okay for us to work together, I will then give
you one more opportunity to confirm that you, indeed, want to work with me. It is after
such confirmation that you formally become my client; one with whom I have chosen to
invest time and energy and who has chosen back to play his/her part.

The Spiritual Healing Facilitator

I step forward in this role as a Minister of God in His Love and Light and Sound, and in
the highest, purest consciousness of unconditional loving service for the highest good
of all concerned. Simply put, my job in this capacity is to just show up on all levels of
consciousness and bear witness to whatever is taking place between my client and that
which is the divine spirit of God while holding a loving space for the highest good to
become manifest in Spirit’s own perfect timing and in Spirit’s own perfect way. Having
no attachments to what should or should not happen in a session or in my overall work
with a client from beginning to end, I do my best to keep my client fully engaged and
involved in working their healing processes to successful completion; cheering,
encouraging, and motivating them to “Let Go and Let God”. In other words, I am your
cheerleader (and I’ve got a royal purple-colored pompom to prove it!) and healing coach
extraordinaire rolled into one. The point at which the client successfully lets go and lets
God is the point of convergence at which miraculous healings happen…again and again
and again!

The Divine Light

This is one of my terms for that essence of divinity that I sometimes refer/relate to as
God, Spirit, Holy Spirit, or Jesus Christ. For you, please let it be whatever word or term
you use in your particular religious or spiritual tradition that reflects this same essence
(or higher, if possible). As I facilitate or guide the client in doing whatever work that
shows up for them to do, this Divine Light comes through and works directly with each
of us (the client and I) in ways I cannot adequately describe here. Sometimes the client
can tell right away that something is going on. Sometimes it’s as if absolutely nothing is
going on, and it may take a few days or weeks after the session before the client gets
‘hit’ with the reality of what took place during or after the session.

In general, we do the best we can to stay out of the drama of what is or is not taking
place during or after the session, knowing it is sufficient to trust that this Divine Light
knows exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it; always for the highest good.

For those who may find comfort in this, I am glad to point out here that this Divine Light
flows straight from the God-head into me (as the Facilitator) and directly into the client
(as the primary focus for the healing action), NOT through me to the client. This way,
both my client and I are completely free and clear of each other’s energies at the end of
our session together, having worked directly and independently with the Divine Light


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