"Forgiveness is
the fragrance
the violet sheds
on the heel that
has crushed

- Mark Twain

A very fundamental principle of Spiritual Psychology pertaining to the healing arts is that
for healing to be complete, it has to take place on all levels of consciousness, namely:
physical (as in the physical body), emotional (as in emotions and feelings), mental (as in
the mind), and spiritual (as in…spirit!).

Forgiveness is a concept that is common to all world religions and spiritual traditions. In
recent years, more and more research findings are coming out in the field of
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (
CAM) and through the mass media to support
what has been known through the ages to a select few that there is a verifiable positive
link between the ability to forgive past hurts and injustices and the rate and depth at
which seemingly miraculous healing occur in people’s lives (and many times from very
terminal illnesses). As ‘new’ as this paradigm is, there is an even ‘newer’ paradigm in
the world of Spiritual Psychology. It is called: Compassionate Self-Forgiveness.

Simply put, Compassionate Self-Forgiveness is about taking a mature, non-judgmental
personal responsibility for holding onto the negative energy of hurts and/or injustices
from past incidents (real or imagined…same effect on consciousness), and lovingly
applying the balm of compassion (a soul energy that resides in the heart) to melt away
all these hurts and injustices through the forgiveness of oneself, thereby opening up
more to the inflow of God's Divine Healing Light as it floods the physical, emotional,
mental, and spiritual bodies of the client. This is spiritual surgery at its best! It is a most
magnificent self-healing process; a process in which the physician (who also happens to
be the client in the work I do) heals himself/herself, thereby claiming responsibility for
working his/her miracle of healing.

This, in a nutshell, is the brand of Spiritual Healing I facilitate. It is a body-mind-emotions
holistic healing modality...with a little help from above!

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