"Men are
disturbed not
by things
that happen,
but by their
opinions of the
that happen."

~  Epictetus

Following are some of the attributes of my Ideal Client:

  • Someone who has taken the time and made the effort to follow every single link on
    this website so they can be reasonably well informed about who I am and the
    nature of the service I provide.

  • Someone who has a very clear intention to take personal responsibility for working
    his/her own healing miracle, and a very uncommon commitment to doing so under
    the guidance and grace of the Holy Spirit.

  • Someone who knows or is willing to find out what it truly means to “Let Go and Let
    God” (i.e. absolutely no attachment to any particular pre-determined or expected
    outcome; an abiding trust that God’s will is done).

  • Someone who is open to the idea that for healing to be complete, it has to take
    place on all levels of consciousness, the physical (body) being just one.

  • Someone who has most probably explored the very best that orthodox medical
    science has to offer but is yet to find relief or complete closure.

  • Someone who has or is willing to learn to have unconditional loving for him/herself.

  • Someone who has the maturity to know that I am responsible for the information
    presented on this website, and that he/she is responsible for what he/she does (or
    does not do!) with it.

  • Someone who will be so actively involved in our full-cycle work together that
    he/she can take the energy and experience of it and, thenceforth, apply it to any
    future health issues that may pop-up in his/her life without ever having to come
    back to me (except maybe just to chat and share the joy of their newfound level of
    success as a self-healing miracle worker).
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