"No one can ask
to be healed. But he
can let himself be
healed, and thus offer
the other what he has
received. Who can
bestow upon another
what he does not
have? And who can
share what he denies

~  A Course In

(Spiritual Healing Facilitator)

Babalola Chris-Rotimi is a very ordinary HUman being, a beloved son of the Living God
who just happens to know it. He is a life-long student of Spiritual Psychology and has an
M.A. degree in this field from the prestigious University of Santa Monica (
USM), Santa
Monica, California; a school that emphasizes the concept that we all are divine beings
having human experiences, and that is dedicated to a very authentic kind of Soul-
Centered Education (“school the way you always wished it could be!”).

Babalola has been very actively and consciously involved in working his own miracles of
healing and assisting numerous others in doing the same for themselves for over 40
years now. He continues to further his interest in Complementary and Alternative
Medicine (
CAM) through a Ph.D. program in which he is currently enrolled at the Institute
of Transpersonal Psychology (
ITP), Palo Alto, California. He currently lives in Houston,
Texas, U.S.A. and still enjoys his day job as a software developer with an international
work management solutions provider that services the utility industry.

Since 1988, Babalola has been ordained into a ministry of unconditional loving service
that is done “regardless of race, creed, color, situation, circumstance, or environment”.
His most unique physical attribute is an easy smile that comes straight from his loving

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